Professional Biohazard Remediation In Florida

By Stephen Rone

When a crime or tragedy occurs, or contaminated water invades, Florida property owners must arrange for appropriate biohazard mitigation. Cleanup of blood, fluids, human and animal waste, tainted water, and other items and substances at risk of spreading microorganisms and the biological matter requires specialized skills and exhaustive knowledge of the threats presented.

Events such as homicide, suicide, or unattended death can saturate structural components, fixtures, furnishings, flooring, and other contents with fluid biohazards. Human and animal remains themselves can contain harmful microorganisms. A wide range of dangerous agents release from human and animal remains and waste. Diseases that pose a danger such as HIV, influenza, and hepatitis easily transmit to individuals who are not equipped with personal protective gear and unfamiliar with research-based and lawful cleanup procedures.

Crime and traumatic scenes can include needles, chemicals, drugs, and other hazardous and infected items. Collecting and encapsulating or otherwise containing the sharps and all other biohazard waste must follow strict protocols and Florida and federal laws, as do transporting and disposing of the hazards.

Other circumstances in Florida that contribute to biohazard contamination include hoarding scenarios, sewer and drain backups, and flooding from overburdened waterways, saltwater storm surge, and heavy precipitation that sweeps debris into lower levels of buildings. Gray and black water removal are not uncommon in Florida, often a requirement after a hurricane and tropical storm events. Carpeting, furnishings, clothing, and porous building materials are among many items that experience biohazard contamination when microorganisms mix into floodwaters.

Abatement of biohazard contamination in Florida is best accomplished by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) compliant remediation specialists. Technicians trained in appropriate methodology contain, remove, and dispose of biohazardous wastes safely.

They also evaluate the continuing and progressive contamination risks of the structures and contents of Florida properties where criminal or tragic situations occurred, or contaminated water intruded. Using effective strategies and professional grade antimicrobial products, trained technicians leave the affected areas sanitized and safe for ongoing habitation, work, and play.

Properties containing biohazards require professional remediation. If your business or home is the site of biohazard contamination from any source, take care to contract with a reliable and experienced firm to handle all aspects of its containment, removal, and premises sanitization.


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